Commercial Real Estate, Banking & Finance

At Preston & Malcom, Walton County’s oldest and most respected law firm, our attorneys have extensive experience solving a wide range of complex real estate issues.

We vigorously represent developers, banks, private investors and builders in commercial and residential real estate transactions and litigation. Our attorneys protect our clients’ interests when disputes arise during the complicated process of real estate development.

We further assist our clients with title issues, development and closings, as well as purchases, sales, eminent domain actions and contract negotiations. We also represent the interests of lenders with regard to foreclosed or distressed property developments.

Preston & Malcom attorneys specialize in real estate transactional closings for a wide range of commercial and residential clients, including transactions for homes, condominiums, town homes, planned unit developments, shopping centers, office buildings and apartments.

Our attorneys handle mediations in a wide variety of areas. We are highly skilled in helping our clients settle disputes in an efficient manner through mediation and arbitration to avoid costly litigation in court.

Our experts provide guidance on:

  • Zoning Issues & Appeals
  • Local Government and Land Use
  • Purchase, Sale, Refinance Transactions
  • Landlord or Tenant Negotiations and Disputes
  • Mediation and Arbitration Services
  • Homeowner’s Association and Restrictive Covenants
  • Public Bond Financing
  • Public and Private Joint Ventures
  • Commercial Development
  • Tax Appeals

If you have questions concerning a legal real estate matter, contact the experts at Preston & Malcom for a consultation.

What is Due Diligence and Why is it Important?

Prior to becoming legally bound to a commercial or industrial real estate propery, the process of conducting an effective due diligence investigation is critically important. Consumer protection laws applicable to home purchases seldom apply to commercial real estate transactions. The rule that a Buyer must examine, judge, and test for himself, applies to the purchase of commercial real estate. During a due diligence investigation, your attorney will discover all material facts and conditions affecting the property and the transaction. Unlike owner-occupied residential real estate (when a house can almost always be occupied as the purchaser’s home), commercial and industrial real estate acquired for business use or investment is impacted by numerous factors that may limit its use and value. The existence of these factors and their impact on a purchaser’s ability to use the property as intended can only be discovered through a thorough process of diligent and focused investigation. This is an important step in a commercial real estate transaction that cannot be overlooked.


Preston & Malcom attorneys are here to advise you throughout the entire commercial real estate transactional process.