Real Estate Transactional Closings

At Preston & Malcom, we are committed to making the process of buying and selling homes and property as simple and seamless as possible.

We take our clients through the transactional process step by step. We handle every detail of the process of buying and selling, financing (including construction loans) and refinancing.

Our attorneys will complete a title search, identify and resolve any issues that might arise,  and will also review and negotiate contracts, and draft lending-related instruments, such as easements and leases. Our experienced attorneys will ensure all the documents are in order prior to your closing so you can relax, knowing every last detail has been attended to. If there is a need or request for title insurance to protect ownership and the lender’s interest in the property, we are skilled in handling such requests.

Whether you are an individual purchasing your first home or a corporation acquiring a multi-million dollar property, trust Preston & Malcom to close the deal for you.

If you need an attorney to help you close your real estate transaction, please contact us.


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The 10 Typical Steps in the Home Buying Process


1. Loan application
2. Home inspection and repairs
3. Due diligence
4. Appraisal
5. Loan approval
6. Closing attorney secured
7. Termite inspection
8. Homeowner’s insurance secured
9. Re-inspection of repairs (if necessary)
10. Closing day